Georgia-Pacific Chemicals

The diversity of our product portfolio means our chemicals find their way into a variety of industries including adhesives, aerospace, mass transit, gratings, construction, automotive, concrete, asphalt, construction piping, electronics, fertilizers, filtration, foundry, glass mat, inks, insulation, laminates, metalworking, coatings, and cleaners. Our wood adhesives are used in particleboard, medium density fiberboard (MDF), structural panels, plywood, oriented strand board (OSB) and laminated veneer lumber (LVL). Specific composite resins are designed for honeycomb, prepreg, pultrusion, hand‐lay‐up and resin transfer molding (RTM), sheet and bulk molding compounds (SMC/BMC), hand‐lay‐up and filament winding processing.

We constantly develop products with applications in new areas to address the ever‐changing needs of industry. According to our customers, four factors differentiate us from other chemical suppliers:

● EXPERTISE – Experts to customize products for the unique chemical demands of the customer.

● RESOURCES – Analytical and technical capabilities to evaluate the best products to meet customer needs.

● RELIABILITY – Consistent, dependable quality and on‐time delivery stemming from a corporate principle of operational excellence.

● INNOVATION – A diverse line of innovative products, many bio‐based, designed for performance and value creation.

Featured Chemical Products

GP® Formaldehyde Solutions and STA‐FORM 60® AND INSOL‐U‐25® Concentrates — As a leading global manufacturer of formalin, Georgia-Pacific Chemicals offers urea-formaldehyde concentrates (UFC) and formaldehyde in a variety of methanol inhibited and uninhibited solutions.

GP® and LEAF FREE® Industrial Resins — GP Industrial resins, scavengers and catalysts are used in a variety of applications, many of which involve proppants, carbon fiber, fiberglass, and mineral wool binding. GP composite resins are used in FRP applications where high heat resistance, low smoke and high strength specifications are required. Other binding applications are abrasives, laminates, insulation, and glass mat. GP coating resins are used primarily in protective and cold blend coating and adhesives requiring low VOC, chemical resistance, corrosion resistance or cross‐linking.

RESI‐BOND®, RESI‐MIX®, RESI‐BOOST, WOODWELD®, RESI‐STRAN®, GP® and LEAF® Wood Adhesives and Services — Our extensive portfolio of wood adhesives includes moisture‐resistant products and low‐emitting formaldehyde products. Innovative RESI‐BOOST® plywood resin enables up to 10% lower glue spreads and up to 20% reduction in hot press time for increased production throughput and significant savings – without negatively impacting bond quality. Additionally, we offer the GP® Dynamic Microchamber, a CARB/EPA approved method for formaldehyde emissions testing and GP® Process Modeling services to help our customers optimize production.

TUFFTREK Asphalt Additives – A dynamic collaboration with our Koch sister company, Flint Hills Resources (FHR), has resulted in a line of quality additives for the asphalt industry. TUFFTREK products combine Georgia-Pacific Chemicals’ capabilities in chemical innovation, manufacturing and marketing with FHR’s extensive application knowledge to provide the asphalt producer with cost-effective performance products. Current products include: TUFFTREK PG modification and recycling agents, antistrip additives and emulsifiers.