Supply Chain Jobs

Getting our products made efficiently, economically and responsibly is key to our success. Getting those products into the hands of our customers takes talented individuals to facilitate the process.

Our Supply Chain Jobs

Replenishment Analysts

You manage inventory for our business segments or facilities, from order creation to post-delivery. You are a key member of a broader team responsible for managing customer inventory, service metrics, supply chain reliability and distribution costs. This role interfaces with customers, supply/demand planning, sales, transportation and warehousing.

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Logistics Specialists

You are a key member of the operations team and are responsible for coordinating shipments and deliveries, providing up-to-date shipping information and resolving transportation-related issues in a proactive and timely manner. You also plan shipments to meet internal and external delivery expectations. You provide excellent customer service while maintaining compliance with all relevant regulations.

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Demand Planners

You support our supply-chain management processes by providing reliable demand forecasts. And you consider market intelligence and customer promotional assumptions to reliably predict demand for our products and services. You will incorporate customer service, sales, marketing and sources like IRI or other customer/consumer data to improve MAPE and reduce forecast bias.

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